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Spring Valley Herbs & Natural Foods 

SpringValleyHerbs is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. We are a locally owned Health Food Store in Springfield Missouri. We have dedicated ourselves to be able to bring great products at great prices with wonderful service to all customers in our store and on our website.

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    Dr Shealy's Bliss Set of 5

    DR. Shealy’s Bliss Set Of 5 Roll-Ons

    $199.99 $169.99
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    Soap Toothpaste - Turmeric Tooth Soap

    Opa Toothbar Turmeric (1 oz)

    $11.99 $10.95
    5.00 out of 5
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    Dr Shealy’s Eugesterone 1200 (2 oz Pump)

    $20.00 $16.00
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    Dr. Shealys Essentials (120 Tablets)

    $24.95 $20.50
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    Dr. Shealys Youth Formula (120 Capsules)

    $16.00 $12.80
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    Dr Shealy's Magnesium Lotion 16oz

    Dr. Shealys Biogenics Magnesium Lotion (16 oz)

    $22.00 $18.00
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    Cardiovascular Research Magnesium Taurate (180 Capsules)

    Cardiovascular Research Magnesium Taurate (180 Capsules)

    $28.95 $23.16
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    Nail Fungus Soak (.65 oz)

    Long Creek Herbs Herbal Nail Fungus Soak (0.65 oz)

    $14.95 $11.21
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    Pure Planet Red Marine Algae Plus 750 mg (90 Capsules)

    Pure Planet Red Marine Algae Plus 750 mg (90 Capsules)

    $41.13 $25.96

Our Brands

  • O’pabox Tooth Soap – Soap ToothpasteO’pabox Tooth Soap – Soap Toothpaste


Spring Valley Herbs & Natural Foods

Free Shipping on all orders Over $200.00

Since 1969, Spring Valley Herbs and Natural Foods has been helping customers receive the highest quality nutritional products on the market at super discounted prices, as well as offering an unsurpassed, knowledgeable customer service staff. Among the many services that our store offers, we provide free nutritional consultations. If you have any questions, whether it be asking about our quality brands, just starting to explore the dietary supplement world and seeking guidance, or have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Are you suffering from an ailment and looking for a Natural Doctor’s recommendation? Please contact our close friend and holistic doctor, C. Norman Dr Shealy, MD PhD.